Find The Sales Gene with APQ Sales Aptitude Assessment

April 6, 2017

Is there such a thing as a “sales gene?” Well, if we speak of sales ability being part of someone’s “DNA,” then certainly we should be able to break that down further to find THE vital component.

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? – Hot Business Sales Training Topic

March 24, 2017

The concept of emotional intelligence continues to gain traction among business sales training experts. As I have cited in previous posts, surveys and studies online point to HR professionals prioritizing applicants with higher emotional intelligence rather than traditional IQ.

The 3 Simplest Closes Sales Training Seminars Should Teach

March 16, 2017

Some sales people have turned closing into an art form. They seem to dance with prospects, rather than try to beat them into submission. They ask the right questions, artfully – maybe even seductively– steering the conversation towards the mutual Read More

How to Ask for Referrals from Top Sales Training Programs

March 12, 2017

“Average salespeople just don’t ask for referrals.” Kyla O’Connell, Senior Sales Trainer for Asher Strategies, shares this truth and a few other tidbits on referrals in this video below. Watch it (it’s less than 2 minutes long) and then continue Read More

Using Role Playing Scripts in Sales Training

February 7, 2017

Scripts have long played a role in sales training, although opinions vary as to their usefulness. On one hand, especially for inexperienced people, they provide a roadmap to follow during a sales call. On the other hand, they can be relied on too much, resulting in the robotic delivery which characterizes many telemarketing calls.... read more

Top Tips for Picking the Best Sales Training Seminars

January 20, 2017

In this post I will do something a little bit different. Rather than give you MY top tips for picking the best sales training seminars, I will provide some of the best from other professionals in the sales training space.

End of Year Awards

December 29, 2016

Towards the end of each year I, along with many of you I am sure, reflect upon the accomplishments of the past 12 months. And each year, I am more and more grateful for the business I am in and Read More

How Top Sales Training Programs Like Asher Stay Current

December 8, 2016

The top sales training programs in the world are consistently filled with both fresh faces and repeat attendees due to the results they deliver. A desperate, struggling company can be salvaged through effective sales training, and it is no understatement to say that training is one of the most important investments a company can make.... read more

Most Commonly Asked Questions about Our Corporate Sales Training

November 20, 2016

Corporate sales training can evoke images of a boring lecturer, pacing back and forth in a hypnotic fashion, occasionally writing notes on a large pad or clicking through a dull PowerPoint. This is usually interrupted by at least two instances where the hapless presenter says “whoops” because he has run out of ink, or because he has to restart the PowerPoint after a crash (and you get to enjoy his cluttered desktop icons while he sorts things out with the tech guy).... read more

Using LinkedIn and Sales Aptitude Assessments to Make a New Hire Successful

October 20, 2016

In the realm of sales and business in general, there is simply no denying it: we are living in an age defined by social media. Originally a tool used to connect friends and family, there are now countless business applications that use a social media interface and are competing for our collective attention. For anyone following online trends, it would seem obvious the site to do this most effectively has been LinkedIn.... read more

Answers to the Top Questions We Get about Business Sales Training in Washington DC

October 17, 2016

At the end of the day, the goals of any sales training are going to vary depending on the needs of the client. And when it comes to varied and complicated markets, you’d be hard pressed to find a better example than Washington D.C. Like most capital cities, it is a hub of high powered business interests both civilian and government, with many specialized rules and regulations limiting how business is done. While the potential upsides of selling in this market are huge, without the know-how and skill set to navigate the D.C. market, your odds of success will be low.... read more