Sales Process Red Flags: Sales to Avoid

You’ve put in the work and followed your sales process diligently. The seeds of a potential sale have been sown by establishing contact, making a connection, and helping the prospect understand your offerings. But when do you know if all the effort may not bear good fruit? There are, unfortunately, times when you need to Sales Process Red Flags: Sales to Avoid

Our top ten closing approaches

You’ve recognized the buyer’s shift and you’re at the closing point…. now what? Remember that closing is simply helping the prospect make a decision. The progression of ideas that both you and your prospect have shared has lead to this moment. Make sure to handle this portion of the sale with the utmost amount of Our top ten closing approaches

Recognizing The Buyer’s Shift

It’s the magic phrase that is on every salesperson’s mind: “close the sale”. There are many steps to closing the sale, and you must be aware of each. Recognizing the buyer’s shift will put you one step closer to landing that sale. As a professional salesperson, you must be in tune with your buyer. Recognizing Recognizing The Buyer’s Shift

Return-On-Investment Analysis

An ROI analysis is the “why buy at all” segment that is of high significance when relating to the buyer. It is a strategic, honest way of giving the buyer a glimpse at how you can bring them success. Most purchases are made to either solve problems (pain) or grow business (gain). 40% of solutions Return-On-Investment Analysis