Key Discriminators – Why Choose Us?

As a salesperson, it’s of paramount importance to know your company’s key discriminators. If you can define these succinctly and honestly, you’re in a good position to answer two pivotal sales questions – why should the buyer choose you? And, what sets you apart from the competition?   Exemplary Key Discriminators include, but are definitely Key Discriminators – Why Choose Us?

Killer Arguments

One of the most successful marketing messages that your company can utilize is the “done it before” approach. This message has been developed over the years by top marketers and is successful because it allows you to honestly differentiate yourself from the competition, while answering logistical questions. The best way to reduce possible risk in Killer Arguments

Sales Training That Will Stick

After reviewing over 15 branded sales methodologies, we found that in the spectrum of sales training methodologies, the training is oriented from transactional sales (very short sales cycle times) to very complex sales with long sales cycle times (years).  According to one methodology, you can teach anyone to sell. Perhaps true, but how well? One of the Sales Training That Will Stick

Handling Objections

When we hear the beginnings of an objection, our first instinct is to feel rejected. We feel that objection equates to negativity. We shut off and assume the buyer is uninterested. But what if we started to look at objection as a pathway to refining. What if we looked at objection as constructive criticism? When Handling Objections

Understanding your buyer’s fears

Now that you’ve acknowledged a salesperson’s two biggest fears (product knowledge and rejection), it’s time to think about what types of fears your buyer has. Believe it or not, you’re not the only one that is anxious about the ordeal. In fact, the buyer’s biggest fear is that they don’t fully understand the value of Understanding your buyer’s fears

Stop talking and start listening!

Even though it may seem like the conversation between you and your buyer is an equal give-and-take, you’re probably talking too much. Start using your ears and you’ll see results like you’ve never seen. Take it straight from the buyer: according to Amacon, 95% of buyers think you talk too much. But there’s still hope! Stop talking and start listening!

The Power of Questioning

We do it everyday. We engage in conversation and inevitably ask questions to understand the other individual. The power of question holds a lot of gravity, especially when getting to know your buyer. Fully understanding their needs comes from proposing a series of strategic questions and holding onto their answers. Once you understand what their The Power of Questioning

Solution Selling

The next time you’re in the process of a sale – ask yourself, “What am I really selling?” Most of the time, your obvious answer will be the product or service that you represent. Sure, the product will address their immediate needs but keep in mind that the buyer is always thinking long-term. They want Solution Selling