Need a Bottom Line Boost? Fix Your Sales Process

March 24, 2013

Asher wants to help you boost your sales into the stratosphere, and so we take our sales training methodology very seriously. We have distilled the best information, from decades of experience as sales professionals and trainers, to come up with what we believe is the premiere solution for how to improve your sales process: the Asher Sales Improvement Roadmap.... read more

Sales Forecasting: How to Go From Wishful Thinking to Stellar Results

March 21, 2013

Sales forecasting is a vital planning tool for any organization. Despite this, many sales managers and their salespeople dread this activity. It might be seen as a waste of time or, worse, a potential threat to one’s employment if projections are way off base when compared with actual results.... read more

5 Sales Coaching Tips to Make Super Salespeople

March 19, 2013

Sales managers who seek better performance from their salespeople know that “sharpening the saw” is important, and that learning should never cease. Through constant coaching, good salespeople can become superb, leading to greater personal and company success.... read more

5 Top Telephone Sales Tips for Success

March 15, 2013

In an age where e-mail, text messages, status updates and tweets have replaced much verbal communication, even between family members a mere several feet away from each other, the good old-fashioned telephone call might seem to be obsolete as a sales tool. Rather than making cold calls to drum up some quick appointments, salespeople are focusing more on passive lead generation techniques, such as inbound marketing and social networking.... read more

Selling Skills: How Much Time Do You Spend Actually Listening?

March 11, 2013

In the quest to better their selling skills, some sales professionals might resort to all sorts of gadgetry; from smart phones and tablets, to special apps supposedly designed to help them close more sales. Too many of them seek out the latest “surefire” gizmo while neglecting to use one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in any salesperson’s arsenal: his own set of ears.... read more

Developing a Killer Selling Strategy and Bringing In New, Quality Prospects

March 7, 2013

Although the value of formal sales training is known to most organizations, managers can often observe a lack of follow through after attendees come home from those pricey seminars. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t learn anything — it could simply indicate that these newly-trained salespeople “know the notes but cannot play the tune.”... read more

10 Reasons Your Employees Need Sales Consulting

March 5, 2013

At Asher Strategies, sales force consulting is something we are constantly evolving and improving on in order to help our clients make more money. Sales is the primary business driver in any organization, regardless of the industry, product, or service it deals in, and we feel strongly that sales consulting should be adopted by every enterprise seeking to “win” in business.... read more

Deciding What Sales Course is Right For You

March 1, 2013

Regular readers of this blog know that we are big on sales training courses, particularly ones that teach a consultative selling approach. While we can be said to be biased in recommending that every salesperson receive formal training (since we provide training courses), there is also a genuine desire to raise the status and competence levels of sales professionals. It is good for them personally, not to mention the companies they work for and the overall economy.... read more